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‘Ok’ is a series of ironic illustrations featuring situations that are never actually okay. The starting point was when I saw my comb while continuing my 'self-love practice' and my personal care, at the end of a day where I was feeling very down after a long pleasant shower in accordance with the descriptions of self-help books and 'love yourself' accounts. I had never realized until then that I was combing my hair as if I was fighting an enemy. I had plucked many strands of my hair. This struck me as tragicomic. And I immidiately drew -I Love Myself- right away. And trust me sure, this illustration put me at more ease more

than the shower and all that love-yourself nonsense crap.


At the same time, What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger, which is in the series, was deemed worthy to be shown as part of the Forward Festival Moon exhibition.

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Ok _  Çiğdem Keser, Art Director
Ok _  Çiğdem Keser, Art Director
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